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This is Step 4 ~ Boost Your Income

Your Simple Steps:

Residual Income Plans

This is where everyone should start and where most people do! How many residual income plans you have will depend on your resources but these are all built into our system and so as long as you can maintain them they will not cause any extra effort for the income potential that they add.

They are listed in the order we recommend you join them with a big emphasis on everyone joining the top 2 which work so well together and will soon build you a strong sustainable income....


1. 2% Club - this is our system here and if you are not already a member you can click here to join from Step 1 

2. Power Lead System (PLS) - this works hand in hand with our system and is where we build the high converting Custom Funnels. It offers many benefit and great training for the serious entrepreneur. If you are not already a member you can click here to join now 

3. Simple Fast Cash - Just $7 a month with a very strong income potential paying $5 for a $7 sale. You can get Hosting, Computer Backup and A Budget Autoresponder all for $7. Get the facts by clicking here.

4.  Traffic Authority - A reliable and infinitely scalable traffic source where you can actually become a traffic broker. Click here to learn more 

5. Online Sales Pro - this is a good system, with a mobile app, for recruiting for any business and a great way to bring youth into your team. It makes a great addition once you are bringing in cash from the above options or if you want to target a more youthful and energetic market. Click here to learn more 



Income Maximisers

Here you can make a massive boost to your income without any extra effort or traffic.

Best of all the first 4 plans pay you INSTANTLY into your account when a sale is made. Many of our members are in all 4 plans with the potential to make $2,500 per sale INSTANT cash!

Plan 5 pays monthly but can pay as much as $15,000 per sale depending on your status and guarantees you a $20,000 income within 90 days! We have listed the plans in the order we recommend you join them, but the choice is always yours...


1. Easy1Up - this is listed first because it has options ranging from as little as $30 one time and so provides an early foothold in the High Ticket marketplace. The top licence is $1,100 and allows you to make multiple $1,000 commissions. It is also promoted in one of our Custom Funnels. This is a very popular and highly recommended program and you can get more information by clicking here.

2. Exitus -listed second because it has a $100 or $1,000 entry point and is also promoted in one of our custom funnels. This is a very good program that generates commissions up to $1,000 per sale and has excellent training and products. Get more information by clicking here.

3. 250 Cash Club - pays you an instant $250 for every sale for more information click here

4. 250Pays - pays you an instant $250 for every sale for more information click here

5. iPro - This is a marketers dream, with daily training and weekly workshops and it pays commissions ranging from just a few $$ right the way up to $15,000 per sale. This is something you should really look into and so we have an area specially devoted to this program. Please take the time to understand this program and its amazing $20,000 guarantee.... Click here now to learn how you can be GUARANTEED to make $20,000 in the next 90 days!




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